Social responsibility

Alca trgovina has many years of experience in the recycling of packaging waste being built in cooperation with leading licensed operator. The main objectives are to raise awareness of the Serbian population recycling and primary sorting.

  • Over the past year, through cooperation with authorized services for the purchase of raw materials collected even 36.06 tons of paper and cardboard, which is 2% more than in 2015 and 4.94 tons of foil which is 4% more than in the previous year.
  • Separation and collection of plastic and aluminium packaging in order to protect the environment on the rise over the previous year. They plan to further education to raise awareness of employees about the importance of recycling.
  • Alca trgovina for many years collaborating with the authorized services for recycling and the write-off of technical goods not for resale and recycling, and the write-off of fixed assets in operation.
  • Cooperation with the service for recycling and destruction of the cartridge and cooperation with the Centre for the recycling of scrap tires.

Sponsorships 2016

  • In April, we sponsored Cultural Artistic Society Ratina (from the same place where our branches Kraljevo and employees support the development of folklore) with certain amount of Saponia and RB products.

  • in June Alca was sponsored Children's volleyball camp Mitrovo polje with products Paloma, Saponia and CPW.

    In June, we also sponsored karate club “King” from Kraljevo with CHIO and Alexandria products.

    In December, with the aim of supporting the development of culture and art, Alca gave her premises for one day shoot film scenes to film crew of workshops First Films First, in the context of international Auteur Film Festival. They are used large meeting room and storage of advertising materials, with our "stage props ". The film is called "Her Job" by Greek director Nikos Labot, with local actors: Milena Predić, Bojan Zecević and Radomir Nikolić, and the plan is to use the footage for the eponymous film. Movie has received positive reactions from the jury and the audience at the festival.

    herjob.jpg herjob1.jpg herjob2.jpg

Sponsorships 2015.

  • We sponsored Volleyball camp "ASIKS" Mitrovo polje who belonging to the volleyball club "Tehničar" with a certain quantity Saponia


Major sponsorships in 2014

  • In April, Alca Trgovina financially sponsored the Sports Association – “Batut” (Union of the Institute of Public Health) for participation and sports equipment on manifest “19th meeting of health ”.

  • In December we significantly financially sponsored swimming competition for children (children from 6 to 9 years) “11th April – Alca league” , which was at SC New Belgrade “11th April” and provided gift packages for all participants of the competition.

  • bazen_2.jpg

Major sponsorships in 2013

  • Alca trgovina is significant financially sponsored by the School for music talents from Ćuprije, which celebrated its 40th anniversary jubilee concert on gifted children and former students, now world-renowned artists, which was held in the hall Kolarac.

    sponzorstvo_1.jpg sponzorstvo_2.jpg
  • For the benefit of the local community financially Alca trgovina is substantially sponsored the restoration of the facade of the elementary school building "Stevan Sremac" in Dobanovci.
  • Alca's trade logistics involved in the implementation of actions co-sponsored by our suppliers and only some are:
    • Gricko Tara Marathon, the main sponsor of Chips Way and following sponsors Teekanne, Kandit and Alpro.

    • Nestle Purina action adopting dogs from the city shelter with a package of Friskies food.

    • Mini League Belgrade, competition swimming children aged 07-12 years is supported by gifts from a range of brands Chips Way, Alpro and Kandit.

Donations and humanitarian actions 2016

Donations HiPP

    During year 2016, Alca trgovina in cooperation with the supplier HiPP, organized and donated HiPP milk as follows:
  • The new record of 15,354 units in more than 40 institutions across Serbia (GAK Narodni front, GAK Niš, neonatology KBC Zemun, neonatology Srem.Mitrovica, maternity ward in Leskovac, Novi Pazar, Zrenjanin, Smeder.Palanci, ...)

Donations 2016

  • The biggest donation in 2016 was in May, in cooperation with the Slovenian Business Club, which organized the action "Lure smile" for children from the Shelter in Belgrade and for the occasion the Alca trgovina donated a significant amount of product more brands (Saponia Kandit, Paloma, RB, HIPP, Puma, Electrolux, ...) as well as 3 laptops, 5 bicycles and 20 footballs. We attended the opening event where guests children were well-known basketball player Natasa Kovacevic, two KUD and acoustic band.
  • On two occasions (May and October) donated a considerable amount of Paloma products “Institution for Children and youth” Sremčica (intended for children with disabilities) as well as products Kandit in July 2016.
  • donacija161.jpg donacija163.jpg

Humanitarian actions in 2016

  • In July, Alca trgovina is organized traditionally blood donation in Belgrade, in its premises and has a record of 47 employees who gave their blood and contribution to society.
  • In the first half of this year, few employees with a certain blood type is expressed selflessness and collegiality, because they repeatedly went to that institution and gave their blood for a sick colleague.
  • davanjekrvi2016.jpg davanjekrvi2016_1.jpg davanjekrvi2016_2.jpg

Humanitarian action “Plug for hendicap” 2016

  • Alca trgovina in April joined the humanitarian action "Plug handicap" and signed a protocol of cooperation with the Association of Paraplegics from Zrenjanin. Employees have collected two large bags of caps (about 25 kg), which we delivered to Association and we are continuing action.

Donations and humanitarian acitons 2015

Donations HiPP

    During year 2015, Alca trgovina in cooperation with the supplier HiPP, organized and donated HiPP milk as follows
  • So far a record 9,375 units in 46 institutions across Serbia (GAK Narodni front, GAK Niš, KC Vojvodina Clinical Centre Niš, KBC Zemun, ZC Kraljevo, Maternity -Šabac, Požarevac, Leskovac, Aranđelovac, Prijepolje, Vršac, Pančevo, ...)

Humanitarian actions 2015 - We have shown solidarity and collegiality

  • In July and August, our employees are given voluntarily significant monetary contributions for the operation of a sick child of our colleague and with some help from Alca trgovina, the entire amount has been collected and paid. The operation was successful and the little boy was successfully rehabilitated.
  • We helped vulnerable family from the village Prošivalci, (Jošanička banja) with product suite of Saponia, Kandit, CPW, Paloma and Teekanne.
  • Our company is traditionally organized on July 10, blood donation in Belgrade, in its premises where 46 employees gave their blood and contribution to society.
  • davanje_krvi_151.jpg davanje_krvi_152.jpg davanje_krvi_153.jpg

Donations and charity 2014

Keeping in mind catastrophic floods and a serious consequences in Serbia, we joined in program to help the victims through a significant financial donation to the Red Cross and we also donated 6,500 pieces of Kimberly-Clark respiratory masks.

In cooperation with a business partner Electrolux - Zanussi we donated white goods for 14 families who were victims of catastrophic floods.

poplave_1.jpg poplave_2.jpg

We have helped the logistics in the realization of the commodity donated by many of our suppliers (Paloma, Saponia, Kandit, Chips Way, CPW, Purina, ...) to Red Cross and other societies that are organized aid to the people and animals.

We have cooperated with Foundation Dragica Nikolić and with Handball Association of Serbia in procurement HiPP products.


Alca Trgovina in cooperation with supplier HIPP in 2014 was organized and donated HIPP milk for:

  • Total 9.081 piece in 40 institution all around the Serbia (GAK Narodni front, GAK Niš, KC Vojvodina, KC Niš, KBC Zemun, KBC Zvezdara, Maternity Ward – Šabac, Požarevac, Leskovac, Čačak, Prijepolje, Vršac, Pančevo,...).

  • donacija_11.jpg

  • We donated a greeted amount of HIPP instant porridge and specific product of Azira women socks to Home for children and youth with special needs "Sremčica".

  • donacija_22.jpg donacija_33.jpg

  • We enabled financially, in cooperation with a lot of suppliers shopping necessary medical supplies for child of our colleague.

  • In July, Alca Trgovina in cooperation with suppliers Chips Way, CPW, Teekanne, GSK Aquafresh and Salvequick donated products to humanitarian organization “Friend in need” for helping children and youth with mental disabilities.

  • donacija_44.jpg

  • We participated in donations of suppliers Chips Way for Christmas gifts to Committee for Human Rights “Majdanpek” and school for children with impaired hearing “Stefan Dečanski” Belgrade.

  • donacija_55.jpg

  • Traditionally with donating products of Chips Way, Alpro, Manner and Kandit we support Australian embassy on charity Christmas Bazaar of the International Women's Club (IWC).

  • donacija_66.jpg

Humanitarian action 2014

At 13th June Alca Trgovina traditional organized blood donation in Belgrade, in our business premises and 41 employees gave their blood and contribution to society which is record in total.

donacije_14.jpg donacije_15.jpg

We organized in Jun humanitarian action of employees in collection books for cities/ schools library in Mali Zvornik which was a lot affected in catastrophic floods.


Donations and charity 2013

Alca trgovina in cooperation with supplier HiPP organize and donate products to a total of 27 institutions throughout Serbia (Gak Popular Front, Clinical Center Niš, Clinical Center of Vojvodina, maternity - Kragujevac, Jagodina, Subotica, Loznica, Pozarevac, Vranje, Cacak, Krusevac, Sabac, Leskovac, ...)


Home for Children and Youth with Special Needs - Sremcica - donated products from a range of brands Paloma and Chips Way.

Alca trgovina in July 2013 Traditionally organized a voluntary blood donation in Belgrade, in its premises.

donacije_2.jpg donacije_3.jpg

In December, the second time we supported charity Christmas Bazaar International Women's Club of Belgrade where we are at the Austrian booth through sales of national products (manner) all proceeds donated to various social projects in Serbia.

At the initiative of employees at the beginning of 2014. Was the Foundation will establish solidarity to help endangered colleagues by contributions of employees themselves.

Quality of products and distribution

  • The quality of the business and focus on our customers, saying the conditions of ISO 9001 and HACCP standard in the field of wholesale and distribution of food.
  • In April 2013 was implemented and certified IFS Logistic Standard - standard distribution of food in the store.