We want to work with the best!

That is why we want to create a motivating environment that enables optimal professional development and realization of personal ambitions. At the same time, we nurture a culture of team spirit because of the synergies they bring combined resources. We want to build a successful team that works well together, proud to be a part of Alca team. We succeed in this.

Investment in development and training of our staff is one of the most important directions of our business policy. We have created a dynamic work environment that provides opportunities for practical and theoretical training, professional development and advancement. Development and career of each employee plans in line with the strategic objectives of Alca trgovina, meeting new professional challenges.

The success and continued progress of our company lie in the people, they are our most important resource. In order to maintain and improve the business environment we desired:

  • Each employee provides an opportunity to educate in accordance with job requirements and individual career development plan.
  • We provide training that are designed to monitor changes in the dynamic business environment.
  • We reward results and the effort.
  • On our way to become the best business environment characterized by trust and togetherness, we know that we are all the company members of the team,that only by working together can achieve extraordinary goals to achieve.
  • Alca trgovina pays special attention to their employees, because it is oriented toward the top.

Therefore, if you are ambitious, enterprising, persistent, possess adequate knowledge, you have a desire to learn and progress and if you have our principles recognized her, then you are at right place. Tell us and become part of a young, dynamic and successful team. We are waiting for you. STRAIGHT TO THE GREAT!