About us

Alca trgovina is a privately held company founded in 2002 in Belgrade. Companies from Alca family business in the territory of Serbia (Alca trgovina Ltd.), Austria (Alca-med GmbH), Slovenia (Lomas Ltd.), Croatia (Alca Ltd.) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Planet Ltd). With over a thousand employees and professional staff, state of the art storage facilities, fleet and distribution system, this group has quickly become one of the leaders of the region in the field of sales and logistics.


88 2.jpg

babies born in the last five years in Alca trgovina

2.200.000 5.jpg

sweet bars are eaten on average per year

19% 4.jpg

average annual growth in sales

120.000.000 3.jpg

a year removed stains with our stain remover

16.000.000 1.jpg

cups of tea are drunk annually

1.200.000 6.jpg

our chocolate participates in a large number of cakes per year

toalet-papir.jpg 139.400km

is the average annual spending our toilet paper


is number of different production units number that counts our range

transport.jpg 110.000

deliveries to our customers annual