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In the 1970s, the founder of Alpro company had idealistic ambitions: to eradicate hunger and poverty in the world. His weapon? Great but virtually unknown nutritional power that is released integrated soybean processing. Together with his team, has developed a unique, natural process for converting pure, yellow soybeans in a healthy and delicious soy beverage. Following this vision, in 1980 was raised was the first European plant for the processing of soybeans and formed the Alpro!

Today, forty years later, Alpro remains faithful to these sustainable roots. Therefore, more than ever believe in "smart foods plant-based, no GMO".

All phases of the transport and processing of goods is also carried out in a manner that is the most efficient when it comes to the environment. These measures are used and to an even greater extent, reduce their negative environmental impact.

Alpro is dedicated to fostering healthy eating habits and a healthy future for people and the planet.

Alpro provides a natural, wide array of beverages and desserts. All Alpro products are based on soy, almond, hazelnut, rice or other plant-based ingredients. Luscious flavors range from very gentle taste of soy over mild vanilla to real chocolate sensation. .

Due to its vegetable origin, all products have Alpro optimum ratio of fatty acid, completely free of cholesterol and lactose and thus are easily digested. In addition, do not contain artificial sweeteners, colors and preservatives. Because the products are perfect for anyone who strives for a balanced diet that is healthy for the body and the world around us.

Production takes place in our own factories that keep the environment in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the UK and several partner companies under the strict supervision of Alpro.

  • Alpro Dessert SVanille Export 4x125G_Alpro Dessert VAnilla 4x125g CEE_UK_PL_HR_BG_RO_AR.jpg
  • Alpro Dessert Smooth Chocolate 4x125g UK_PL_HR_BG_RO_AR.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Almond Original 1L EXP_Alpro Drink Almond Original 1L sq PL_RU_BG_CZ_SK_H_RO_GR_HR_EE_TR_AR_LT copy.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Almond Original 1L sq UK_PL_RU_BG_CZ_SK_H_RO_GR_HR_EE_TR_AA.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Bio Original 1L edge CEE_UK_PL_HR_HU_GR_RU_BG_RO.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Choco 1L EXP_Alpro Drink Choco 1L EXP_UK_H_CZ_SK_HR_RO_TR_GAR copy.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Choco 1L edge CEE.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Coconut 1L edge UK_Alpro Drink Coconut 1L edge UK.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Coconut Almond UK_NL_F_PT_IT_S_FIN_DK vs2.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Coconut Choco 1L edge UK_PL_RU_CZ_HU_RG_HR_AR.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Hazelnut 1L FiSvNEPHCRuI_Alpro Drink Hazelnut 1L sq FIN_S_N_UK_PL_H_RU_CZ copy.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Light 1L CEE_Alpro Drink Soya Light 1L UK_PL_BG_RU_UA_EE_LT_LV_ISR_ZA copy.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Original 1L EXP_Alpro Drink Original 1L EXP_UK_H_CZ_SK_HR_RO_TR_GR_AR copy.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Original 1L trex UK.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Original 500ml CEE_Alpro Drink Original 500ml CEE_UK_HU_CZ_HR_RO_GR_RU_PL_SK copy.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Unsweetened 1L edge EXP_UK_H_CZ_SK_HR_Alpro Drink Unsweetened 1L edge EXP_UK_H_CZ_SK_HR_RO_TR_GR_AR.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Vanilla 1L UK_Alpro Drink Vanilla 1L UK copy.jpg
  • Alpro Drink Vanilla 1L edge UK_H_CA_SK_HR_RO_TR_GR_AR.jpg
  • Alpro dessert Vanille Export 4x125G_Alpro Dessert VAnilla 4x125g CEE_UK_PL_HR_BG_RO_AR.jpg
  • RED FRUITS 1L_00008.jpg
  • _Alpro Drink Rice Dolce 1L edge UK_HU_HR_CZ_SK_RO_GR_PL_RU.jpg