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The 1899 Year of great ideas

In the late 19th century, Josef Hipp, owner of Pastries in Pfaffenfofenu, after the birth of the twins, has faced adversity to his wife Mary did not have enough milk. Josef began to think about feeding the girls. As confectioner figured it: grind the toast and got a meal, which they add milk to make it thicker. Girls are survivors, as well as the other five children.

The 1901 Firts product

The success of crisp bread flour, which is sold Josef in his candy store soon outgrew the small border town. One of the pre-grown sons, he helped his parents, selling door to door, even in a large Munich. He became a fan of his work and founded the company HIPP. In 1950. Georg Hipp began to produce vegetable purees for babies. Baby food quickly is no longer packed in cans, rather than in glass bottles. The product range from day-to-day spread.

In 1956 Pioneers of organic biological farming

In parallel with the beginnings of industrial food production, Georg Hipp began in 1956. Was the growing of agricultural crops with natural methods, away from the industry and without chemicals.

He was delighted thinking Dr. Hans Muller, the father of organic biological agriculture. The aim was: healthy baby food through healthy organic biological farming. The family farm has become BIO farm. George's children Klaus, Paulus and Georg light of continuing the family tradition and BIO philosophy continues to be their guiding star in the business. Bit by bit the neighbor's farm acknowledge the good side was growing and becoming subcontractors Hippo. HiPP is today the world's largest processor of cultures from organic biological farming.


Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of organic food as a source of healthy living. Sign HIPP organic food products provides security to every parent that their child the nutrition of the highest quality.


Regulations of the Republic of Serbia produces organic ones required to be labeled, and the national character



All HiPP meals containing canola oil quality was such that, in particular for feeding babies, it is recommended Institute for Research on children's nutrition. He canola baby supplies natural omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for the healthy development and structure of brain and nerve cells.


For HiPP selected only very strictly controlled fruit: The fruit diet the baby is introduced as an indispensable source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. HiPP This fruit is rich in vitamin C and helps strengthen the immune system of your child.

Fruits and grains - no added sugar

Your baby is through dairy foods and meals for babies and milk porridge well supplied with protein. As an additional afternoon meal food, Institute for Research on children's diet recommended meals with less protein.

There are HiPP Fruit & Grains things right: Slight fruit and fine grains are easy to reception and good protection. Fruit jar containing a natural sweetener in the fruit, and are produced without added sugar.

Fruit and yogurt - no added sugar

A unique experience in taste HiPP products offered fruit and yogurt. It is in two layers as a duet or mixed fruit, such as fruit and yogurt strawberry-raspberry. With each portion of your baby gets a special portion of yogurt and precious kalicijuma to need a baby - of course without added sugar.

Bio milk porridge - no added sugar

After 4 months you can start your baby at night and give milk porridge. HiPP a milky slurry is produced in a strictly controlled ingredients. In addition to milk containing according to the age, important omega-3-fatty acids and vitamins, and valuable fibers have a very natural taste.

100% bio-juices with no added sugar

HiPP was 100% juices are made from fruit that has ripened in the sun. Carrot juice is squeezed directly from freshly picked carrots. Fruit and carrots grow in strict accordance with the directives of biological farming - no artificial fertilizers and plant spray. It leaves them the necessary time for ripening, and so completely naturally develops its own special flavor. Therefore they do not need or adding sugar or flavorings. They are rich in vitamin C, low in acid, even custom delicate body of your baby. Juices are ideal as a source of vitamins with meals supplementary food. Vitamin C in the juice enhances iron absorption from a meal with vegetables and grains.

ORS solution

HiPP ORS is ready to drink oral rehydration. It is suitable for the treatment of diarrhea in infants by 4 months of age, and young children, as recommended by your doctor. HiPP ORS 200 allows the natural treatment of diarrhea. The loss of fluids and electrolytes caused by diarrhea is immediately compensated.

Milk formulas

HiPP bio-stamp guarantees respect very strict rules. Babies who are not breastfed or who are partially breastfed, require special food, which is the model of breast milk. The body of an infant was still very sensitive and therefore the composition of milk food for babies legally clearly regulated. As a basis for all dairy foods used cow's milk provides calcium and valuable proteins. HiPP the fullest extent insists on naturalness and koristi.Kao starting material for bio dairy foods, exclusively used strictly controlled bio-milk.


Vegetables for HiPP grown under strict guidelines biological farming - no artificial fertilizers and plant spray. Vegetables are ideal for start-up foods, after completing 4 to 6 months.

HiPP this vegetable is particularly aligned with the needs of the baby in the diet. With a simple structure we disclaim binder, in accordance with the legislation and colors and preservatives. As recommended in the first supplementary food, we do not add salt - because not later začinjavati.

Through the precious oil from rape your baby gets natural omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for the development of brain and nerve cells.

Porridge for good night

HiPP baby food for a good night in a jar with milk composition of the transitional milk, adapted to the age of the child, contain calcium and are very filling and tasty meal that just feels good and warm and cold.

Tea for nursing mothers

HiPP Natal tea for breastfeeding has been developed in cooperation with midwives, for a period of special needs at the end of pregnancy and during breast-feeding. HiPP Natal tea for lactating contains a selected blend of herbs such as cumin, fennel and anise, which has long been known to stimulate milk production.

Fruity fun

Whether you're on the playground, family travel or during the school holidays, delicious fruits in an interesting package will be a great snack.

90g portion of fruit comprises 100% of the organic quality. A fun and cheerful design of the new packaging, will enchant your child at a glance and easily will give him a healthy and fun meal.

Give children a fruity fun with three new flavors: Apple - Banana - Strawberry; Apple - Peach – Forest fruit and Apple - Pear - Banana.

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