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The French company - a leader in the production of canned and frozen vegetables of the highest quality. The tradition of the company is long more than 150 years. Today, sells its products in 100 countries worldwide. It has 58 manufacturing plants, 115 000 land deals, 3,500 farmers. Production is in line with EU criteria. Consists of 30% of the market of canned vegetables in Europe, where they are leader.

The maximum period between harvesting and packing vegetables is 3 hours. Cooked vegetables (no need to cook it before use). The products are free of preservatives. Product quality is a top priority. Whole production process is directed towards protecting the nutritional value and taste of food.

With its workforce of 8,971 employees, BONDUELLE Group is a leading global manufacturer prosecuted vegetables.

Bonduelle has a clear strategy to expand and continue to prosper by using new technologies, focusing on quality and healthy vegetables. In fact, it is the tendency to be Bonduelle vegetables on each plate around the world. At any time, from planting seed up to harvest the fruits, there were attempts to improve how the process so and the final process. For this reason,everything is under intense control that includes a number of analysis in laboratories. It is also provided that Bonduelle has all its regulations in accordance with the regulations at the local level, depending on the location of the production process. The entire line of these products is not sprayed vegetables, without toxins, processed in a manner to preserve all the nutrients and vitamins without aggressive processes that reduce the nutritional value of vegetables.

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