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Cera di Cupra


Cera Di Cupra is a famous Italian cosmetic brand with a tradition of more than 50 years, and in his name, proudly wears the name of a province in the east of Italy, where it is dr. Nico Ciccarelli first made a cosmetic cream with virgin beeswax - Cera di Cupra.

All Cera di Cupra products have top quality and Italian design.

For many buyers around the world Cera di Cupra means high quality, naturalness, tradition, Italy, trust.

Those who buy the Cera di Cupra product will never make a mistake and will not be disappointed because they know that they have been in the laboratories Farmaceutici Dott Ciccarelli for years, worked on this product, and produced these creams under rigorous conditions and standards that were always focused on consumer satisfaction.

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