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In a quiet Italian village where the plants are grown in a natural way, created the Institute for herbology, L'Angelica, which is dedicated to connecting the best of nature, health and beauty.

The Institute was established in 1981 in the medieval village of Villa Angelica, in the countryside around Bologna. Products designed for giving yourself the best care in a natural, non-aggressive way in harmony with your body’s rhythms.

The range includes the entire range of herbal products and cosmetics. Three subcategories are represented in our market:

  • Bath and Shower gel 500ml
  • Shower gel 250ml
  • Liquid Soap 300ml

To be singled out from many competitors, it is important to note benefits of L’Angelica brand:

  • The products are plant-based
  • They do not contain GMO
  • Do not contain parabens, paraffin, or silicone
  • Premium quality of brend
  • Price competitive in premium category
  • The striking design of the product
  • Represented in 20 countries
  • Only in Italy has 30 million users
  • 3d_officinalis_DOCCIASCHIUMA_250_ARGAN.jpg
  • 3d_officinalis_DOCCIASCHIUMA_250_melograno.jpg
  • Aloe Vera pena za kupanje 500ml.jpg
  • Energetski gel za tuširanje 250ml.jpg
  • GA1300300.jpg
  • Gel za tuširanje od Ulja Čajevca 250ml.jpg
  • Macadamia mleko za tuširanje 500ml.jpg
  • Meka i baršunasta pena za kupanje 500ml.jpg
  • Ovas gel za tuširanje 250ml.jpg
  • Ovas pena za kupanje 500ml.jpg
  • Pena za kupanje od Nara 500ml.jpg
  • Pena za kupanje od magarećeg mleka 500ml.jpg
  • Tečni sapun Ovas 300ml.jpg
  • Tečni sapun Ulje Čajevca 300ml.jpg
  • Tečni sapun za osetljivu kožu 300ml.jpg