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Purina is a company with a tradition of two centuries.

William H. Danforth was in 1894, in partnership with George Robinson and William Andrews, entering in business of feeding domestic animals by establishing Robinson – Danforth Company. In 1902 name was changed to Ralston Purina. Purina word originated from the company's slogan "where cleanliness is the most important!"

In 2001 Nestlé bought Ralston Purina Company, enabling it to expand the availability of Purina products on pets and their owners worldwide.

Today, Purina is one of the leading companies for the care of pets, producing the best-known and most popular brands of food. Each of these products is the result of the latest research in the field of quality, taste and nutrition. Our assortment is manufactured to give pets the best possible choice of food for all ages and lifestyles..

From the 2002 Nestle Purina Pet Care operates in Serbia! In Purina we have a true passion for pets that drives everything we do. From where comes this passion? It's simple: we are all pet lovers and many of us are pet owners. We understand the relationship that exists between owner and pet, and what a joy to share your life with a four-legged family member. There is nothing like it!!


Gourmet Perle

Nice mini fillets with meat or fish, chopped and lightly cooked to create a unique recipe. Choose one of the bags, each with a delicate sauce or tasty vegetables. Gourmet Perle - allow your cat to discover the challenge of taste and elegance!

Gourmet Gold

Cat food intended for true connoisseurs cat's! A variety of recipes, flavors and textures - each prepared to the highest culinary standards for the preparation of food for cats and available in wet form in portions for one meal.

Pro Plan

Pro Pro Plan at the same time protects and feeds! A complete, high-quality dry food for cats and dogs, with meat or fish as the main ingredients, developed by expert veterinarians and nutritionists. Pro Plan is made from carefully selected, easily digestible ingredients of the highest quality. It is intended for animals of different ages and lifestyles.


Chow formula, for dogs and cats, is carefully balanced food, with useful ingredients such as whole grains and meat, which is necessary for them and allowed them to instinctively choose.


More games, more choices, more imagination! Why not give pets more! Friskies provides complete, balanced nutrition through a wide range of products adapted to different ages and lifestyles, through a variety of flavors and forms. Friskies dry and wet food, for cats and dogs, providing 100% of the basic nutrients needed for a healthy, vital and happy life!


Love is returning with love! A delicious, complete and balanced food with various flavors, which contains all the necessary ingredients that your pet is healthy and happy and multiple fight back your love.

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