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Pasta Zara


Pasta ZARA has more than a century of history and has always been run by the Bragagnolo family, today at its fourth generation.

During these years, Pasta ZARA's production maintained its principles unaltered: a careful selection of the best durum wheat semolina and only the latest technology used in the pasta-making process.

All the pasta is manufactured in Italy, making Pasta ZARA a symbol of food Made In Italy in the world.

14,5% of dry pasta eaten in the world is produced by Pasta ZARA.This result places the company at the top of the ranking of Italian exporters.

How Pasta ZARA is made?


Semolina is mixed with water. The mixture is drawn to give to pasta the shape. Pasta then passes through the drying phase to remove the excess moisture. Then it is cooled down and packaged. Finally, the system calls up the pallets automatically, ensuring that the pasta is kept as short a time as possible in the warehouse.

The safety of the system and of the product is a topic of increasing importance, especially in food production. It has a direct connection to consumers and Pasta ZARA has been sensitive on this issue for many years, which is confirmed with a international certifications on the highest qualitative standards.

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