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Pufies is a product of the company Ficosota. It is currently sold in fifteen different countries. The main goal of brand Pufies is to give mothers a high quality and distinguishable alternative for their babies.

Three pillars concept:

  • Design - A collection of artistic diaper design
  • Excellent performance
  • Security for babies - Pufies has a long list of harmful substances it simply DOES NOT contain

Pufies diapers have 32 designs. The concept implies that different themes and different design make diaper changes a lot more interesting. Each diaper contains a sweet message. In each pack there are two drawings that are connected with the same topic.

Our diapers are:

  • No Known Allergens
  • No Fragrance or Lotion
  • No Known Toxin
  • Non- Allergenic and Non Toxic Colorants
  • Not made with Latex
  • Elemental Chlorine –Free Pulp

In our portfolio you can find:

  • JUMBO diaper (mini, midi, maxi, maxi +, junior over 11 kg)
  • Newborn diapers
  • Value (midi, maxi, junior over 11 kg)
  • Box (midi, maxi, junior over 11 kg)
  • Duo pack (midi, maxi, junior over 11 kg)
  • BOX MIDI 108.jpg
  • BOX Maxi 90.jpg
  • BOX junior 78.jpg
  • DUO 3 148.jpg
  • DUO 4 128.jpg
  • DUO 5 104.jpg
  • JUMBO Junior 52.jpg
  • JUMBO MIDI 74.jpg
  • JUMBO Maxi 56.jpg
  • JUMBO Maxi 64.jpg
  • JUMBO mini 80.jpg
  • Newborn 38.jpg
  • VALUE pack Junior 36.jpg
  • VALUE pack Maxi 46.jpg
  • VALUE pack3 MIDI 54.jpg