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Salvequick is an internationally known Swedish brand company Cederroth, which offers a wide range of products for wound care from traditional textiles through plasticized waterproof, children, and the sophisticated patch for special purposes, such as patches of water sports, athletes, and the blisters so-called'' corn'' eyes and patch with silver technology...

Production plants are in Sweden and Spain.

Today, half a century after the invention of the first patch, in 1947, And the first individually packaged patch in 1953, Salvequick still working on the quality of its product range.

Our patches provide unobstructed airflow through the patch, so that the wound can'' breathe'' while at the same time provide complete protection from contamination and secondary infection! Salvequick patches are waterproof, air-permeable, hypoallergenic, flexible, soft and comfortable for use and quickly and easily placed on the wound, allowing it to heal as fast and gentle way.

Draws particular attention to the newer generation of hydrocolloid plasters for Foot Care, Foot Care - to relieve pain, accelerate healing of calluses and blisters.

Also, plasters are very effective and they treatment bunion, which received rave reviews consumer. Your feet certainly have never been in better hands...

Latest Silver - patch in which the technology used silver as another way to reduce the risk of infection and assist in skin injury.

Also, Finger Mix - a new, fully waterproof bandage the finger (and which are usually injure), with a number of different shapes and lengths of the patch, which can be adapted to all the possible points of injury to the fingers.

And our work on developing and creating a simpler product for better and more effective wound care is still continuing! Be sure, you can trust us!

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