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Teo brand, originated from Bulgaria, was launched in 1998.

Enjoying in amazing fragrances while taking care of your skin in, yet, an affordable fashion represent Teo’s mission.

The flagship range of Nourishing Oils provides tender care and hydration, thanks to the paraben & silicons free formula enriched with nourishing oils complex and elegant fragrances reminding of deluxe perfumes.

Available in 70 gr and 100 gr bar soaps, as well as 0,400 ml and 0,900 ml liquid variants.

In aroma driven category TEO soaps have same level or better compared to its international competitors. Teo offers the feeling of spring under the shower all year long!

Teo offers an addition to its liquid soap range - extension in gels with specialized range with glycerin enriched formula. Offering what the very demanding consumer looks for – extra care, soft skin and unique fragrances.

Building on its mission Teo offers Teo Bouquet 70gr – the bar soap series with the longest traditions on the market.

  • Bela rada 70g.jpg
  • Camelia 400ml.jpg
  • Camelia 900ml.jpg
  • Djurdjevak 70g.jpg
  • Jasmin 100g.jpg
  • Jasmin 400ml.jpg
  • Jasmin 900ml.jpg
  • Jorgovan 70g.jpg
  • Smokva 100g.jpg
  • Smokva 400ml.jpg
  • Smokva 900ml.jpg
  • Teo Aloa za osetljivu kožu 400ml.jpg
  • Teo Aloa za osteljivu kožu 900ml.jpg
  • Trešnjin cvet 70g.jpg
  • Vanila 100g.jpg
  • Vanila 400ml.jpg
  • Vanila 900ml.jpg
  • Ylang Ylang 100g.jpg
  • Ylang ylang 400ml.jpg
  • Ylang ylang 900ml.jpg