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Naturall & Zdravo

The project "Zdravo," which began in 2002, for only a few years of existence, has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign customers, mainly due to the well-selected product range and its high quality. The factory for fruit and vegetables Zdravo, processing fruit are produced: compotes, jams and marmalades, jams, low fat, a vegetable processing to produce: sour salad and chutney. The method of spinning (extrusion) of fruits and vegetables produced in 100% natural juices from fruits and vegetables without adding sugar and water.

All the products are free of preservatives, and ZDRAVO juices are without adding water, sugar and the concentrate obtained by filtration.

In this factory is installed the latest technology, met the requirements of the legal provisions and requirements of the standard and all this in order to meet the ultimate goal of consumer health protection.

So, it's very simple - nature do the biggest and most difficult part of the job, and we are left with the gifts of nature the subject to bottles and jars. We probably should not repeat, but we want - all with us is a natural & ZDRAVO.

Sour & Zdravo

Because of modern life, there is less time to make the right food for the winter. Until recently it was difficult to find a house where people not pickled peppers, cucumbers, pickle or chutney prepared, while today the situation is completely reversed. It's one of the reasons why we started making various delicious and healthy vegetable products. Our sour salads, pickles and chutney made ​​from fresh vegetables to the recipe of our research team, based on extensive experience of Vojvodina farmers and traditional way of preparing food for the winter, without the use of preservatives or any additives.

Grilled & zdravo

Pepper is one of the most common vegetable crops in our country, which is not surprising because the pepper is used as a salad, side dish seasoning, spice and medicine. With this in mind, we have developed a whole range of products from home-baked peppers, using modern technology, but also the tradition of our area.

Namely, introduction of modern production line for baking peppers we were able to reconcile what is at first glance contrary - modern technology and traditional recipe - and so we get home-baked peppers and homemade chutney of roasted peppers. In this way we speed up the traditional process of making chutney and sour roasted peppers. Simple and without preservatives, we get a very tasty natural products whose common denominator is - Roasted & Zdravo.

Sweet & Zdravo

When we started making jams, marmalades and jams, our desire was to get a traditional, local flavors; to get the kind of healthy treats, which on the market today becoming less. First, we choose what is most important - fruits.

The best fruits of plums, strawberries, raspberries, apricots, cherries, blueberries - anything from our orchard, and some of the orchards of our regular contributors. We then employ our research team who came up with the original recipes and we get our jams, marmalades. No preservatives, without anything artificial. In this way we keep what is best from the fruit, what is SWEET & ZDRAVO.

100% & Zdravo

Without added sugar, water and preservatives. Without concetrate. ZDRAVO juices are 100% fruit and vegetables because we put in our products only what comes from nature. The process is simple - choose the best fruits and vegetables, squeezing the fruit, filtered and poured into a glass bottle and eventually protect pasteurization.

Such shocks (produced squeezing process) to the fullest extent retain beneficial natural ingredients, fruits and vegetables – 100% & ZDRAVO.

Organic & Zdravo

At a time when more and more products labeled and called "health food" really is difficult to discern what is healthy and beneficial. If you are looking for the healthiest options, juices from organic fruits and vegetables have the right thing for you and your family. Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without chemical pesticides and herbicides, fertilizers, no genetic modifications, with respect to strict regulatory standards for organic food production. More juice produced from organic fruits and vegetables in your nutrition - less unwanted and harmful chemicals in your body- ORGANSKO & ZDRAVO.

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